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A science fiction universe largely involving an interplanetary/interstellar regime called the Imperial Republic.

Imperial Republic humans jumpgates Galactic Primus/Imperial Republic calendar Orks Kingdom of Albion Jehovah, Adam, Eve, and Sigmar Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs Corrino Outworlds League of Non-Humans House Hawkwood Hibernia Law on Equality of Non-Human Species Hawkwood-Corrino-United Monotheist-Tritheist Hegemony Star League flying saucers asteroid ships space-to-planet rocket ships Red and Blue Parties and Neutrals 123 Families Astrotech Cartel Hutts Council of Guilds Galactic Commerce and Industry languages Trade Federation population of the Imperial Republic Albion gnomes Xim the Despot Empire of Alfheim and United Kingdom of Asguardia

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